Event Registration Service

Are you looking out to capture leads and prospects in a limited time? So, the answer is Event Registration. Prospects will only register for your event if it is well promoted. RP Techmedia aims to focus upon customer engagement for event registration campaigns. We work on multichannel platforms to successfully launch and promote your event campaigns. Through event registration campaigns, the information that we gather can be implied by event technology to generate valuable intelligence which drives the sales and marketing departments to improve their lead & demand generation results.

Event registration is an important process through which we get valuable leads. We assist in driving participation through a multi-channel strategy. We convert qualified registrants to confirmed attendees and attract new prospects through digital programs, resulting in event success rates.

There are several reasons to choose our organization as your event registration service provider:

  • Live / On-Demand & Archive webinar / event promotions.
  • Maximum registrants in short span.
  • Increase confirmed attendees’ ratio.
  • Requests for service info achieved via email.
  • Relevant audiences as per topic of the event.
  • Auto gentle reminder for maximum participation.
  • In-language and native promotion.