Email Marketing

Email marketing is a direct marketing tactic used for sending mail to customers. It helps in creating a direct engagement between the buyers and the sellers to maintain the customer’s trust with the company. It is considered a cost-efficient method of marketing as only less cost must be spent by the company on setting up the program. This process can provide great ROI.

At Right Pace Techmedia, we provide service overview, automated campaign schedule, leads captured from various channels, and immediate results. We have developed our own internal SMTP Server (email exchange), with maximum deliverability/inbox ratio. Some benefits out of many are listed below:

  • Boost your brand recognition and customer engagements.
  • Get new customers and improve customer retention.
  • Cost reduction and less effort.
  • Unlimited email sending
  • 100% validations
  • In-language targeting
  • Geo-focused targeting
  • Personalized messages and templates.
  • GDPR & e-Privacy, CCPA, CAN-SPAM CASL Compliant leads

We follow a systematic process while creating an email marketing strategy:

  • We channel new creatives.
  • As per client requirements we generate quality email leads.
  • Customized tele approach to audit email leads to 100% qualification.
  • Leads formatted to match client and/or standard delivery templates.
  • Lead delivery via integrated platforms to ensure data security.